Audiogramme is a French designer brand founded by Alicia Scuoch. Alicia was born and raised in the East of France but since she was a child, she had been dreaming of traveling around the world. She quickly moved out from her native Lorraine to make a first stop in Paris. She then lived for seven years in New York – a city that widely inspired her for her clothes line. Audiogramme is the result from mixing the cool vibe of the Big Apple with a touch of the French chic attitude.

Alicia also draws her inspiration from her daily life or even the current news. For example, she designed a line of ​​sweatshirts that can turn into t-shirts: two pieces in one, in order to buy less but better and therefore to protect the environment. Sustainable development is at the core of Audiogramme and it is also reflected in the particular attention Audiogramme pays to the choice of their fabrics – that come from Europe– and the garment factories with which they work. As a result, all the collections are made in France.

A New York’ Parisian brand or a Paris’ New Yorker brand? Which one is your fav’?